Osprey Knife & Tool

Handmade for Hard Use

Osprey Knife & Tool handmade knives by Georgia based knifemaker Chris Linton. Each OKT knife is a unique creation.  From start to finish, including heat treat, every aspect of OKT knife is meticulously performed by Chris – the mark of a true craftsman. A U.S. Army veteran, Chris crafts purposeful designs to handle everyday and extreme situations.

Premium and select materials are used on each knife with an attention to detail that is becoming increasingly rare in modern society. Chris spends a great deal of time on knife design, geometry, and handle shaping so that each knife excels at its intended use while seeming to have been made specifically for you. OKTs are known for their comfortable grips, useful patterns and incredible fit and finish.

No two knives are alike. Our inventory is constantly evolving and once a knife is gone, you will never see the exact same knife listed again. While the patterns may be reoccurring, there are always minor differences between handmade knives of the same models and even the same handle materials. If you see something you like, act fast and get your one of a kind, heirloom knife today.

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