Fat Rope Stick

Fat Rope Stick


Fat Rope Stick is a premium fire starter manufactured by Production Hangar 51 and sold by Ransom Wilderness Co. Fat Rope is made from waxed infused cotton fibers specially braided and capable of taking a spark even in extreme wet and windy conditions. Weatherproof, easy to use; this is the best fire starter in the world.

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Fat Rope Stick is made from a pure cotton material. The specially braided cotton breaks into thousands of microfibers when rubbed together. Specially designed, these microfibers are capable of catching a spark even when wet. Production Hangar 51’s unique manufacturing process enables the removal of water contained in the fibers at the micron level. This advanced process ensure a fully dried material no matter the exterior conditions.

Reliability makes Fat Rope Stick a great item to have in a survival or emergency kit. Each stick is infused with a proprietary “FOG-H77A” high gasification formula. With this formula, the cotton becomes highly resistant to water and wind. Due to the complex nature of Fat Rope Stick, each one has to be produced by hand. It is the best non-generic, specialized fire starter in the world.

✓ Non Toxic.

✓ Weatherproof.

✓ Cut what you need. Save the rest for later.

✓ No evaporation. Fat Rope Stick maintains performance even partially used.

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