Fire Strip Roll

Fire Strip Roll


Fire Strip Roll by Production Hangar 51 is a premium fire starter sold by Ransom Wilderness Co. This specially wax infused fibrous tape takes a spark with ease and packs into its own convenient to carry roll. Simply remove what you need, store the rest, and be ready to easily create a fire from a spark of a firesteel and a handful of twigs.

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Fire Strip Roll was designed to let the user take what is necessary without removing the packaging. The paper simply unrolls from the middle of the roll, leaving the remaining product in a nice portable package.

The Fire Strip Roll is made out of a thick and fibrous paper. It is fully infused with wax and oxygen free to make an easily ignitable tinder.

✓ Waterproof Wax Infused paper, Highly Combustible.

✓ Highly Concealable, Easy to Carry.

✓ Long Lasting (55 Feet Long).

✓ Unroll what you Need, Save the rest for Later, Stored in its Own Packaging.

Put some in your wallet, make balls, roll it around a lighter… the possibilities are endless of how you can use this product to meet your fire starting needs.

Price is for a single 55′ roll of Fire Strip Roll

Bulk Discounts available starting at 3 units.  See your shopping cart for savings

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Weight3.5 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 1 in

3" x 1"




3.5 oz


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