Osprey Knife & Tool – Raptor

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Osprey Knife & Tool – Raptor


The Osprey Knife & Tool Raptor is a take on the traditional bird and trout knife.  This knife design was intended to be used in the field dressing small game or foraging wild edibles.  The Raptor also works well as an everyday carry style of blade. 3/32″ CPM154 on a skeletonized tapered tang with a Bastogne Walnut sits on ruby g10 liners. A 1/4″ antique micarta pin and lanyard tube holds it all together.

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The Details

Crafted from stainless CPM-154, this Osprey Knife and Tool Raptor is ideal for humid and wet conditions. The 3/32″ stainless blade stock and a thin tapered tang under presentation grade Bastogne Walnut on ruby red g10 liners gives a wonderful balance and appearance to the knife.  A single 1/4″ antique micarta pin and lanyard tube completely set off the beautifully figured Bastogne Walnut handle.  The hammered textured flats provide a distinct aesthetic to the blade profile.

The Raptor by Osprey Knife & Tool – a B&T Field Knife

The Osprey Knife & Tool Raptor was designed to fill the role as a Bird and Trout small game knife. This model generally is available in thinner blade stock with a narrow blade profile and sweeping curves.

Like many of the Osprey knife patterns, Chris subtly infuses his DNA as a US Army combat veteran into each of his designs.  The Raptor is no exception and you can see some Persian style influence in its design.  Whether you are cleaning a stringer of brookies or finding comfort with it on your belt as you walk the city lights; the Raptor can cover a lot of bases.

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Additional information

Weight4 oz

Chris Linton (Osprey Knife and Tool)



Overall Length

8 3/16"

Blade Length

4 1/8"


3/32" CPM-154, Tapered Tang, Hammered flats

Handle Materials

Presentation Grade Bastogne Walnut over Ruby Red G10 liners with 1/4"
Antique pin and Lanyard Tube


Sold separately


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