Russell Gardner Knives are created one at a time in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. A member of the NC Custom Knifemakers Guild, Russell has a vested interest in perfecting his craft as a knifemaker. This drive is evident in each knife with hours spent bringing every blade to life. Russell creates these knives for the workingman. Functional knives that are finely crafted from select materials yet still affordable. No matter the details and polish Russell puts into any one knife, he intends for each knife to perform and to get dirty.

A craftsman by trade, Russell has an eye for detail and the skillful hands to bring about stunning knife creations. He pairs his handmade knives with a fully custom leather sheath that is as equally impressive to the knife it holds. Russell wants you to feel like you received full value out of your handmade knife investment. He does not want anyone waiting to strap a new Gardner knife to a belt and putting it to use. Come check out all the Gardner Knives available at Ransom. 

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